3 Most Haunted Places In Japan

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Other than being known as a country brimming with culture such as festivals, games and anime, Japan is a horror lover’s gold mine. We will look into three of the most haunted places in Japan through this article:

1. Camp Hansen’s Gate 3

Okinawa Island is one of the most brutal battlefields during World War II. American forces and Japanese Imperial Army sustained heavy casualties meanwhile over a quarter of the civilian population either passed away or took their own life during the war. As a result, Okinawa is now a hotspot for haunted places in Japan.

A ghostly figure of an American Marine dressed in blood would periodically visit the living by approaching security forces at Gate 3 of Camp Hansen in order to light his cigarette. It disappears right after the cigarette has been lit. However, the hauntings were reported to be quite frequent. Gate 3 of Camp Hansen closed since it is no longer used as an entry point.

2. Inunaki tunnel

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Located at Miyawaka, Inunaki Tunnel has always been a go-to place for paranormal explorers.

Locals have claimed that cars often break down whenever they are near the tunnel and communication devices would stop working.

Started operating in 1949, the tunnel is not frequently utilized since it is located at a remote area and emits eerie atmosphere. It eventually became a home for several biker gangs and no longer used by the majority of civilians. 

3. Round schoolhouse ruins

Located at Hokkaido, most of the students were the children of coal miners who worked in the Mitsubishi coal mine nearby the school.

However, it was abandoned in 1974 after Japan decided to slowly shift their operations in importing coal instead.

There have been reports of people hearing voices and footsteps in the building. Some of the reports mentioned the feeling of being observed and eerie screams from the woods during the night.

Which of these places would you consider visiting in the future?


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