3 K-Pop Songs That Are Written With Fans In Mind

Fandoms are one of the reasons behind every idol’s success. Other than the artist’s personality, talent and visual (which is a bonus), having a loyal fandom is what matters the most.

While there are a lot of platforms for the idols to express their thankfulness towards fans (Vlive, social medias, videos), there are also some who expresses their thankfulness towards their fan in a form of a song.

Below are 3 examples of K-pop songs that was actually written with their fans in mind:

1. 12번째 별 (12th Star) – Wanna One (2018)

Wanna One has released 12th Star for their fans, Wannable. 12th Star is one of the tracks that are included in their last album, 1” = 1 (Power of Destiny). However, this song is only available in their physical CD only.

2. 소나기 (Downpour) – I.O.I (2017)

All 11 members have personally chosen and decided to release Downpour as their final track. While Downpour uses the concept of rain showers to express the sadness in breaking up, they also contain a bright, hopeful message of meeting again.

Woozi, from the boyband SEVENTEEN, has participated in writing the lyrics for this song, and he helps to compose alongside three other songwriters. Woozi has written the song with hopes that it would create a good memory for the fans who gave I.O.I lots of love.

3. 너와 나의 거리 (Selene 6.23) – SHINee (2013)

This song is included in one of their albums, The Misconceptions of Us.

SHINee’s Jonghyun has written this song about how a person who is in love, but not being able to reach her. This song is also dedicated to their international fans, SHINee World (Shawols) who are the “Moon that is far away”. You can listen to the song here.

To sum it up, all 3 songs, be it directly or indirectly, have the fans written in mind. Even when Downpour and 12th Star are not directly written by the members themselves, the members indirectly took part by giving their opinions in writing this song.


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