3 Easy Ways In Determining Your Skin Type

Walking through the day with healthy, flawless and fair skin is practically a thing that can boost anybody’s confidence level. However, in order to achieve that, the usage of proper skin care products must be taken into consideration. But, there a few things that should be known to people before you mindlessly applied something to your skin. This is because choosing the wrong products might be fatal to your skin health.

The first thing for you to consider will be your skin type. Understanding your skin type is the most important step in the discovery of finding ways on how to take care of your skin. You might be wondering whether you should go to the dermatologist to unrevealed that. The answer is, not necessarily.

Here, we will be providing a few simple ways that can be done at home to determine your skin type:

1.Blotting sheet can do the trick

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So, to use this trick, you need to patiently wait for one hour after washing your face. When the wait is over, gently dab the blotting sheet all over your face and go examine how much oil is visible after. If there is little on it, you might be having dry skin. If the oil mostly came from your ‘T-area’ which is the area of your forehead to your nose, then congratulation because your skin is healthy and normal. However, if the oil is saturated all over the sheet, you might be having a dry skin condition.

2. Stand in front of the mirror and stare at your pores

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All you need is just to find a mirror and examine the condition of your pores. Took a step back and see whether your pores noticeably visible or not. If you see your pores are noticeably wide open, then your skin is oily. However, if you can’t see your pores at all, your skin is dry, as your skin is in good condition for using moisturizing products. People with normal skin will likely have a visible pore but not open and large.

3. Lightly pinch your skin

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When we said pinching, it doesn’t mean that you have to do it until it is sore, red and bruised. Just lightly pinch your skin to feel whether the area of pressure is wrinkled or not. If so, your skin is most probably dry.  If when you’re pinching, you felt that your skin is smooth and your finger can easily slide on it, then your skin is oily.

Alright, that’s it. Now that you finally get a hint of your skin type, you can pick the most suitable products to care for your skin.  However, if you have any doubts, we suggest you arrange an appointment with a proper dermatologist to get professional advice.


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